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Kutaisi to Bakuriani – An Artisans’ Road


I believe it is my final post of my trip to Georgia. It has been a different sort of trip.  I went there with very high expectations of something which definitely not clear.  I did not find it… well it was not defined…  But, I found something else.  I learned that expectations should be left […]

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Herd Migration- A Seasonal Phenomenon in the Steppe of Western Georgia


Sometimes there is not much to say.  The images do the talking.  But really, just few words.  The herd migration seen in this post are mainly in the steppe. A steppe, pronounced like the word step, is not quite dry enough to be a desert but not fertile enough for trees to grow. Think of it […]

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Ushguli, Highest Village Inhabited in the Caucasus and Much More


Surrounded by peaks of up to 5,000 meters, Svaneti is the highest area inhabited year round in the Caucasus Mountains. The area is inhabited for more than 2,000 years. At around the end of the ninth century, the Svan found themselves in conflict with the northern Caucasian tribes on the other side of the mountains […]

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On the Gorgeous Road From Mestia to Ushguli


Georgia is known for its natural beauty and in fact is is.  I cannot ignore the impact of this magnificence . Reality is that I am not a hiker. Luckily, this has not hurt my chance to see Georgia in its glory. I am not a landscape photographer, but I wanted to capture these images to give […]

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Abandoned Homes, Lost Souls in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia


I was “stuck”.  I wanted to learn about the Georgians’ life style, but it was not easy.  So what can I do? I took a vacation, I paid, I flew and now what  ? OK, as I described in my previous post, there are so may abandoned homes which were so happy to let me in.  […]

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A Visit to a Local Warm and Inviting Family in Rural Mestia


There is nothing I like more than interacting with the “locals”. I always feel that if I have failed to meet and become familiar with local traditions, family life, food, or religious practice, I could have just stayed at home. Georgians have put a high hurdle.  It was not easy to get to know local […]

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Leaving Batumi to Mestia located in the Beautiful North West Caucasus Mountains


Mestia is a highland townlet in northwest Georgia, at an elevation of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) in the Caucasus Mountains. Mestia and the adjoining 132 villages form Mestia District with a population of 14,248 (2,600 in the town itself). The population is mostly Svans, a cultural and linguistic subgroup of the Georgians. Despite its small […]

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The Magnificent Churches of Batumi


Whenever I enter a church I feel somewhat strange. On one hand it is not my house of prayer as I am not Christian. Yet, I have a sense of tranquillity and holiness –  in this case Georgians who belong to the Orthodox church. I have visited two beautiful old churches. The first is the 150 years old church St  Nicholas Church […]

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Batumi – This Time a Quick Visit into the Nightly Scene of Batumi


I always like to visit the city’s streets during the night.  It allows for a different perspective.  I can “peek” into the homes, people sit or walk outside and are happy to exchange some greetings or have a small talk.  Buildings look different, at times more beautiful, as if old glory has returned.  Some mystery and […]

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Batumi – A City Trying to Define itself as Modern; Daylight Images


Just a quick overview of Georgia, of which I knew little prior to my visit.  I will not claim I know much, but whatever I have absorbed, I am happy to share. I am doing so to help me explain or describe many of the images I have taken over the 10 days trip. Georgia […]

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Tabatskuri Lake and Village – A Remote Armenian Enclave


Tabatskuri Lake is a high alpine lake that is one of the deepest and most beautiful in the Republic of Georgia. The village of Tabatskuri sits on the shore of the lake.   It’s populated by ethnic Armenians who make their living by farming, growing potato, and some fishing which is restricted. In the fall of […]

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Apocalyptic Skies over the Land of Israel- A Sign of the Time?


For almost a week, during the month of September, a heavy sandstorm covered the skies of Israel. It was eerie, yellow to grey, with hardly any visibility.  I found it fascinating for photography, but definitely unhealthy.  One could not but think of the apocalyptic scenery as a metaphor to the Middle- East situation, where everything […]

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Roni Stars in the Final Play of her Acting Studies – WAR by Lars Noren


Roni Dembinsky is an aspiring young actress who has just completed her acting studies. Her determination and hard work have taken their toll.  Sleepless nights, physical injuries, and stress are all part of acting life, but it has all paid off.  In her final role as the youngest daughter of a Palestinian family under the Israeli […]

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Have You Ever Heard About Victor or Tetonia, Idaho?


 Jackson Hole is heavily visited town.  I asked my local friend if we can visited some small towns which better represent life in the wild wild west. Well, Victor and Tetonia are not wild, but they are more authentic, or at least I saw them as such. Victor is the largest city in Teton County Idaho, its population is […]

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The “Extra” Beauty I Have Not Expected to Find Around Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole is small Western town known for its spectacular  scenery; the mighty Teton Mountain Range, the Grand Teton National Park , Jenny Lake and so much more. The weather, however, was not my best friend.  Most of the time it was cloudy.  Scenery without some sun is a bummer. So I tried to take advantage of the short late […]

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And Finally the Wedding’s Last Mile


If you check the definition for the last mile you will find it to be “Last-mile delivery is the only link in the supply chain that directly touches the customer”.  I cannot but smile when thinking of this term when describing the last few meters before the Chupa when Michal parents accompanying her to the Chupa […]

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A Day of Transformation: From Ms. Greenvald to Mrs. Laufer


All women on their wedding day want to look their best.  It’s a special day with life time memories; so much attention is paid to hairdos, make-up and more. Michal has also spent much of the time praying, trying to relax and soul searching or just searching inner peace.  Michal is a beautiful girl, and […]

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A First in a Trilogy: Michal’s Wedding Dress


This post title “Michal’s Wedding Dress” may sound very mundane to you the reader.  As I began writing I couldn’t but think about be a very simple yet beautiful story titled “Hanna’s Sabbath Dress”, originally written in 1937 by Itzhak Schweinger. Hanna’s new white dress, made especially for the Sabbath, is ruined the very first […]

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