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Holy Saturday In Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulcher Church – A Mystic Medieval Like Event


Last Sunday, thousands of Orthodox Christians from around the world have celebrated Easter in the Holy Land, commemorating the day when according to Christian tradition Jesus was resurrected. Huge crowds arrived in Jerusalem’s old city on Saturday to celebrate the Orthodox Easter Holy Fire ceremony and other events. The crowding forced police to close the […]

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Good Thursday at the Amazingly Beautiful Armenian Church in the Old City of Jerusalem


Last Thursday, The Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches practice the ritual of the Washing of Feet on Holy and Great Thursday according to their ancient rites. I witnessed the elegant and powerful ceremony in the incredibly beautiful Armenian Church located in the old city of Jerusalem. The service is performed by the Patriarch washing the […]

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Apocalyptic Skies over the Land of Israel- A Sign of the Time?


For almost a week, during the month of September, a heavy sandstorm covered the skies of Israel. It was eerie, yellow to grey, with hardly any visibility.  I found it fascinating for photography, but definitely unhealthy.  One could not but think of the apocalyptic scenery as a metaphor to the Middle- East situation, where everything […]

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Roni Stars in the Final Play of her Acting Studies – WAR by Lars Noren


Roni Dembinsky is an aspiring young actress who has just completed her acting studies. Her determination and hard work have taken their toll.  Sleepless nights, physical injuries, and stress are all part of acting life, but it has all paid off.  In her final role as the youngest daughter of a Palestinian family under the Israeli […]

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Israel, Jisr az Zarka – Tasmin and Jamil Engagement Party


Jamil (22) and Tasmin (17) got engaged in their village.  No wedding is expected before Yasmin completes her high school diploma. Jamil is training to become a chef. They come from very traditional families and as such many of the customs described below have been followed.  Jamil has told his mother about his wish to […]

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An Eerie Mausoleum to British Concrete


I have visited Shanghai, China few weeks ago for a brief two and a half days. Not enough to see a thing… many meetings and no time for sightseeing. In order to do justice to the place one needs to spend a lot more time to understand the culture and the changes affecting the Chinese […]

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Israel, Easter in Kfar Yasif, Israel 2014


Christianity originated in the Holy Land and has maintained an important presence in the Land of Israel over the centuries. The Christian communities and the Christian holy places in Israel are held in special regard both by the Christian world and the State of Israel. The Christian population of Israel numbers about 161,000 (Dec. 2013), […]

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A Different Angle on Israeli Arab Relationships


It is often thought that Israeli citizens ignore the plight of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria. I have joined the group Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) which is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation on some of its visits to the remote villages where the group offered basic healthcare services to the villagers. In addition, […]

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A Chicken’s Defense Lawyer


My clients are Romanian, Burmese, Cambodians and Philippino. How often have you used or heard someone saying “Ah, you are chickening out”.  I checked the Urban dictionary to see what does it mean? Well, I found out that it means to decide at the last moment not to do something you said you would do, […]

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France, Burgundy – Gone are the Good Old Days

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