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Have You Ever Heard About Victor or Tetonia, Idaho?


 Jackson Hole is heavily visited town.  I asked my local friend if we can visited some small towns which better represent life in the wild wild west. Well, Victor and Tetonia are not wild, but they are more authentic, or at least I saw them as such. Victor is the largest city in Teton County Idaho, its population is […]

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The “Extra” Beauty I Have Not Expected to Find Around Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole is small Western town known for its spectacular  scenery; the mighty Teton Mountain Range, the Grand Teton National Park , Jenny Lake and so much more. The weather, however, was not my best friend.  Most of the time it was cloudy.  Scenery without some sun is a bummer. So I tried to take advantage of the short late […]

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A Year Later – Returning to Centennial Valley


A year later I returned to JbarL as I felt strongly for its people, their philosophy of preservation, and the spectacular scenery. Montana has several nicknames, although non official, the most popular is “Big Sky Country” and big it is!!! Oh yes, and the sage smell is divine.  My fist visit in 2012 happened immediately […]

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JbarL – Sanctuary, Serenity and Sanity


I have photographed life at the JbarL ranch in Montana run by Libby and Bryan Ulring. It was not a love at first sight, but it grew on me to become a lasting love for the quality of life, the serenity of the place, and above all the philosophy held and practiced by the Ulrings […]

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Rivki – From Marriage to Motherhood


May 9th 2013 was my lucky day.  I was introduced by my friend Dalia to Rivki (Rivka or Rebecca), a wonderful young bride to be. I have always wished for an opportunity to attend an ultra-orthodox wedding, and finally it was here. I met Rivki on the morning of her wedding at her parents’ home. […]

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Israel Jerusalem: The Enchanting Holy Saturday


The Holy Saturday  festival commemorates the time that Jesus is said to have lain in the tomb and descended into hell, defying death and releasing those held captive there, including Adam and Eve. According to orthodox tradition, at exactly 2 pm on this day, a sun beam is said to shine on Jesus’ tomb, lighting […]

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Philippines, Ulingan – Is there a Ray of Light at the End of the Tunnel?


I have described the Ulingan coal making community in my previous post. The harsh conditions are a real hazard for the kids living within the community and the long-term negative impact cannot be ignored.  Project PEARLS described below offers these kids a chance for a different future – a ray of light. Project PEARLS was […]

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Philippines, Manila – Ulingan, The Charcoal Community


HISTORY Ulingan, the charcoal making place, was formed in 1999 when Pier 18 (garbage transfer point of Manila City) started its operations. Some scavengers living nearby started to build their temporarly shelter (kubo) near the gutter or sea wall. Those early settlers were Ka Domeng, Ka Boy and Ka Vic and some other unknown scavengers. […]

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Romania, Transylvania Roma Villages


Many of the Roma communities in Transylvania live in rural areas and segregated from the Romanian population either because of discrimination or self-protection. The Roma are a minority which mostly hated by Romanian. This phenomenon is not new and has been observed for at least two centuries. The end result of this horrendous situation is […]

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Romania – Bucovina’s Painted Churches


Among the most picturesque treasures of Romania are the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina (in northeastern Romania). Their painted exterior walls are decorated with elaborate 15th and 16th century frescoes featuring portraits of saints and prophets, scenes from the life of Jesus, images of angels and demons, and heaven and hell.  The Bucovina churches were founded, […]

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