I could not but be but enamored with Rashid, a great character which oozes from each cell and especially those in his eyes. Rashid is a potter or as he has declared on his wall – Potier.  He has a wonderful sense of humor.  When I asked him for a business card, he pointed to the wall where it says “Rachid, 066 77 38 079” – so simple, no pretense.  It may just be that he cannot afford to have a card, but I prefer to see it as an act of a non-pretentious person, and again – from a different culture.

Rashid is full of smiles, yet he takes his work seriously. You can see the intensity and the respect he has to the clay, his raw material.  He puts the roof tiles to dry, his eyes and hand are totally coordinated, and he concentrates on laying them down properly, otherwise they may break.

I loved watching him at his work.  I returned to his workshop several times, and it is not because pottery is foreign to me.  It was more because of the personality and the love for his work.




















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  1. Karl September 8, 2016 at 4:09 am #

    Great story, great photos….love it ! Bravo Ruti!

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