Essaouira is a port city and resort on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It has an extremely rich history which I will not describe here, but mentioned that the city has an old part (the Medina) and a port.  It is the latter which took my breath away, and kept my imagination working overtime.  As one approaches the port, the color of blue is so dominant and intense.  The scene is overwhelming in its beauty and magnitude. If one wishes to be cynical one can see it as an old “lady” in blue which serves the local fisherman. BUT for me… I saw the Spanish Armada… I believe the images speak for themselves. This first set was taken in the morning hours, when seagulls are screeching and fishermen screaming. more seriously, working hard to fix the nets, sell their merchandise and preparing for the next outing. The place being so vivacious and hectic.  What is there not to like.  Its an old world coming alive just in front of my eyes.  I was so drawn to the place that few months later I returned to photograph the place during the night.  My next post is all about the night scene of the Essaouira port. Its captivating in its glory.

































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