It is difficult to describe or tell about a person’s life if you had just a short interaction. I know so  little about Mama Malika which I am sharing with you today. Malika and her family live in Imlil, a small  village in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The area is beautiful, with snow capped mountains in the background, rivers, fruit trees, blossoming orchards, and beautiful red brownish houses everywhere.

Malika’s family offers traditional meals in their house to visiting tourists. Her house is beautiful and the food  tastes so good. People who have enjoyed Malika’s hospitality are describing a woman full of life, happy and gregarious. Recently, the family suffered a tragedy when their son-in-law was killed in a car accident , leaving behind a young widow with two children. Its Malika and her husband’s burden to take care of their daughter and grandchildren. Malika still smiles, but her face and eyes are  telling a different story, being sunken and withdrawn. The grandchildren are happy – there is hope!  And the tea – Oh well, you can see!!!




















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  1. Susan Woog Wagner May 9, 2016 at 8:42 pm #

    This is a sad story but you have happiness with the children, who are still happy and carefree.
    Love the tea photos and the one with the kids sticking out their tongues.

  2. ehud oren May 10, 2016 at 11:37 am #

    הראת לי את התמונות האלה כשהיית אתלי ואני מאד אוהב אותם לא מתפקידי לחלק ציונים אבל אני חש צורך לציין תמונה אחת שאלי מדברת מעל כולן והיא התמונה שבה יש ריבוע מסוייד בלבן בנישה שמונחים בה גם כלים. העובדה שיש חיבור בין בין ״ציור״ וצילום בין אבסטרקט לראלי בעיני שייוצרת מאין בלבול ויסואלי – מאד יפה בעיני.
    התמונות כולן נהדרות – עובדה.

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