Last Sunday, thousands of Orthodox Christians from around the world have celebrated Easter in the Holy Land, commemorating the day when according to Christian tradition Jesus was resurrected. Huge crowds arrived in Jerusalem’s old city on Saturday to celebrate the Orthodox Easter Holy Fire ceremony and other events.

The crowding forced police to close the Christian Quarter and tempers flared as Christian pilgrims and local Christians could not get through to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  The church is believed to have been built on the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem is the highlight of Orthodox worship in the city of the Resurrection. It is an amazing event, which is hard to describe as the energy, devotion, and exuberance is mixed with “wild” and at times terrifying moments.

After a procession around the church, all of the lights inside are extinguished before the entrance of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch who carries a handful of candles. When the Patriarch emerges, the candles are believed to be lit by a miraculous flame which is then used to light the candles of the congregations gathered by the thousands with in the church.  It is almost like “all hell breaks loose”; guttural praying sounds cause the walls to reverberate and  a beautiful candle lights are all over.

























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  1. Susan Woog wagner May 5, 2016 at 10:55 pm #

    OMG. These are Amazing. Your best work to date. The lighting is magnificent. My favorite though, is the boy on the ledge!!!

  2. ehud oren May 10, 2016 at 11:44 am #

    אני כמו חתול – מסמן מקום אבל – לדעתי יש כאן באמת הרבה מאד צמונות נפלאות
    אני מתחיל להבין מה הבעיה שלי שבמקום לראות תמונה תמונה ובעיני רקע לבן יפה יותר אני רואה רצף של תמונות על רקע שחור והרצף הצפוף והאינטנסיבי הזה – יש הופך את זה לצילום שלכתבה בנושא במקום לסידרת תמונות על… שנותן לזה סוג של איכות אחרת.

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