As part of Easter week, I visited Nazareth and its very important churches. I would have really preferred to be there at prayer time, but that did not happen and I ended up while the churches were empty. On the one hand it made it easier to photograph, on the other hand it was more sterile than I would have wanted. Alas, no people BUT beautiful churches.

Nazareth is most well-known for being the childhood home of Jesus, as well as the place of annunciation where Mary received the message that she would give birth to Jesus. We have walked part of the Jesus, a hiking route which links significant religious sites relating to the life of Jesus in the Galilee

The first to visit was the Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent. High on a hill overlooking the city in the western part of Nazareth stands the Salesian Church, one of the largest and most beautiful churches in the city. You can see it from the city center and it is visible from a distance. The church stands on Nabi Sa’in Ridge above Nazareth together with the École Jesus Adolescent vocational school and a convent. The church is named in reference to the fact that Jesus spent his childhood and adolescence in Nazareth.

Since the end of the 18th century Salesian priests have cared for orphans in Nazareth. They were originally based in temporary accommodation funded by France with the support of the French Embassy in Turkey. In 1902 a permanent building was constructed for the Orphanage on the site which would one day be adjacent to the Salesian Church. In 1923 the church was completed in the neo-Romanesque style, an architectural style inspired by 12th century European buildings.

Basilica of the Annunciation  church is constructed on the traditional Roman Catholic site where the Archangel Gabriel appeared before Mary to announce the future birth of baby Jesus. The church serves a community of 7,000 Catholics in Nazareth and welcomes pilgrims from across the world. There is an alternative site for the Annunciation in Nazareth where the Greek Orthodox tradition places Mary drawing water from a spring when the Angel appeared before her.

Synagogue Church is a small Christian church in the heart of Nazareth known by this name because above its doorway is an embedded sign: “the synagogue”. The structure is currently controlled by the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Its floor is sunken about 1.5 meters underground, possibly built atop a Crusader church dating from the 12th century.

According to Christian tradition, the church is built on the ruins of the ancient Nazareth synagogue where Jesus studied and prayed.
























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  1. Jan April 10, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

    Ruti, I love to follow your journeys and your unique perspective…as always such beautiful images…as you said…the structures are beautiful…but the way you capture people is really magical.

  2. Ruti April 16, 2016 at 3:58 pm #

    Thank you Jan. Sometimes, when I come to a place with no people I think of walking away. But then, when they are so beautiful, I just stay. I am a sucker of beauty.

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