On Good Friday I went to Jerusalem to photograph the event. I got there extremely early to avoid the pilgrimage traffic which unfortunately never materialized. I intended to secure a good spot where my view will be unobstructed. Deep down, I was hoping to have a chance of capturing the image posted above. The scene was created by a group of Americans who came to Israel several years in a row and were the highlight of the Good Friday procession. Unfortunately, they were absent this year as their leader has passed away.

Lucky me, I was asked to photograph group of young artists at the Garage Incubator. The Garage is an educational framework designed to prepare young people facing emotional crises for higher education in various fields of art , and help them integrate into the labour market.

In this specific class, the group was asked to select a photograph and then “act it out”. As I said, it was my luck as the group has chosen the scene from the Via Dolorosa. The group has prepared for the enactment using all kind of “Junk”. Being artistic, I believe, they have achieved a great result. Importantly, they enhanced my Good Friday experience, livening it up.


















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  1. Susan Woog Wagner April 6, 2016 at 2:46 am #

    Great photo essay. You can really feel the spirit and fun and work involved!!

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