I believe it is my final post of my trip to Georgia. It has been a different sort of trip.  I went there with very high expectations of something which definitely not clear.  I did not find it… well it was not defined…  But, I found something else.  I learned that expectations should be left at home, that I should try and experience that which came my way.  You have seen what I found, and its time to share my last one.  Hand crafts vary from place to place.  They may fall into same categories, but locality has a big impact on the final product.  same is true with food.  A vegetable soup is not the same in Marocco as in Hungry.  Oh, I forgot, the latter eat Gulash  :-)  Seriously, pottery in India varies from place to place, more so when compared to the large jugs of Portugal or those of Georgia.  I love exploring crafts and the traditions behind.

The road from Kutaisi to Bakuriani gave me plenty of opportunities to examine and watch the craftsmanship of the locals.  The pottery was magnificent, using clay made off local soil creates spectacular pots and jugs.  those are used for holding oil, wine and cooking. talking about cooking, one can find many stalls along the road where bread of some sort is sold by the villagers.  But if you are not sure of what you are getting, there are some clay samples on the shelves.  Funny, yet reality.

As we drove towards Batumi we passed by summer homes which were now deserted as their inhabitants left the mountains and  return to the city for the winter season. I thought the houses were dilapidated yet beautiful. made of scraps of tin and wood, painted in different colors.  Hard to express my amazement at these works of art.

And finally, the last dinner up in the mountain in a small and very colorful restaurant, on the second floor of some concrete ugly building – what a lovely memory. Thanks Georgia and its people.  It wasn’t easy but I learned a lot.

















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  1. Susan Woog Wagner April 15, 2016 at 2:47 am #

    Wow.. these are wonderful, Ruti.
    I especially love how you show the scale of the pottery… and the shapes are great.
    I also love the men at the table.. the camaraderie and light is terrific.
    Such moments captured beautifully.

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