Roni Dembinsky is an aspiring young actress who has just completed her acting studies. Her determination and hard work have taken their toll.  Sleepless nights, physical injuries, and stress are all part of acting life, but it has all paid off.  In her final role as the youngest daughter of a Palestinian family under the Israeli Occupation. I am not going to express my opinion as to the content of the play, but I would say that the issue is extremely complicated with many opposing facets. The play War, was originally written by the Swedish playwright Lars Noren.  Echoes of the Bosnian conflict are unmistakable but unspecified.  Similarly, the Israeli Director, Avi Gibson, adapted the the play to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The setting is a country ravaged by war and ethnic cleansing, where a mother and two daughters — a mischievous 12-year-old and her deeply sad older sister — sleep on pallets and wash in filthy water, details that only hint at the horrors they have endured. This is the story of one family under occupation and oppression. Soon the father of the family, presumed dead, wanders into the yard. Pathetically, he has been blinded, but that is overshadowed by a bullying nature that has been intensified by his wartime experience. When he returns, he realizes that not only was his home and his city destroyed, but so was his family. His eldest daughter sells her body, and his wife was having an affair with his brother. “War” is essentially a statement that people who survive war can do things as terrible as those who wage it.

Roni, acting as the young girl (standing second from the left in the image below) assumes a wide range of roles from a young girl who can still have “fun” in the yard, expresses the  horrific experience of being raped and finally becoming a “shaid” – suicide bomber.




























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