Jackson Hole is small Western town known for its spectacular  scenery; the mighty Teton Mountain Range, the Grand Teton National Park , Jenny Lake and so much more. The weather, however, was not my best friend.  Most of the time it was cloudy.  Scenery without some sun is a bummer. So I tried to take advantage of the short late afternoon hours when the sky has cleared and the beauty of the place was so apparent. My anointed “winner” was the valley of Gros Ventres. The Gros Ventre Wilderness lies just east of Jackson in western Wyoming. The name “Gros Ventre” is French, meaning “big belly”. It is roughly bounded by the Gros Ventre River to the north, the Green River to the east, the Hoback River to the south and the National Elk Refuge and Snake River to the west. The Gros Ventre Wilderness lies within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, an area internationally known for its wildlands, wildlife, geological features and scenic beauty.

“Outclassed by the visually more impressive Tetons, some 287 million years their junior, the rounded peaks, immensely gently sloping canyons, steep draws and gullies, and thick forest of the Gros Ventres convey a sense of age, a primeval quality” Jackson Hole Guide, August  1980. The first six images were taken around Jenny lake and the Snake river.  the rest are from the Gros Venttres valley.















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