Jackson Hole is heavily visited town.  I asked my local friend if we can visited some small towns which better represent life in the wild wild west. Well, Victor and Tetonia are not wild, but they are more authentic, or at least I saw them as such. Victor is the largest city in Teton County Idaho, its population is approximately 2,00o and it has become a bedroom community for the nearby resort area of Jackson Hole, accessed over Teton Pass in Wyoming at 8,431 feet (2,570 m) above see level.  In the smaller town in Tetonia I walked into the  studio of Scott Tallman Powers (scottpowersfineart.com) whose paintings are remarkable.  I highly suggest you visit his website. Scott was in the process of packing his studio on his way to Alaska where I am sure he will do wonders with the local community of miners, fisherman and others.

After driving from Jackson Hole Wyoming to Victor Idaho and spending some time with Scott hunger was taking over.  We searched for a small dinner and ended up finding a small burger place.  The burger was nothing to write home about but the people, the atmosphere and the lighting was just great.  The little girl in the last image represent what I felt was very true for the whole community.  She just walk to the near by table and invited the kid whom she did not know, to a sleep over.  it may happen in your neighbourhood but not in mine…











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  1. Susan Woog wagner August 4, 2015 at 9:54 pm #

    Love the shots, especially the diner scenes!

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