This post title “Michal’s Wedding Dress” may sound very mundane to you the reader.  As I began writing I couldn’t but think about be a very simple yet beautiful story titled “Hanna’s Sabbath Dress”, originally written in 1937 by Itzhak Schweinger.

Hanna’s new white dress, made especially for the Sabbath, is ruined the very first time it is worn after she helps a man carry his bag of charcoal, but while crying in despair in the forest, she notices that the stains have somehow been changed magically into beads of light.

Well, what does have to do with Michal’s wedding dress? Michal is a lady getting married at the young age of 20. She has a pure sole, all goodness and generosity. Michal is a “member” of the religious community.  As such, her wedding dress has to be very modest, showing no flesh, long sleeves, ankle length and high neckline. I could just imagine Hanna’s Sabbath dress full sparkling beads, just as Michal’s dress ended up looking – pure, elegant and sparkles which shined like her personality. And… Oh yes, the dress designer and maker was the talented Hanna.  Michal’s mother is getting fitted as well and takes an active role in all preparations.






























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