I have visited Shanghai, China few weeks ago for a brief two and a half days. Not enough to see a thing… many meetings and no time for sightseeing. In order to do justice to the place one needs to spend a lot more time to understand the culture and the changes affecting the Chinese value system. All that I managed was a sneak 3 hours of wondering in the little alleys of old Shanghai and a brief visit to Building 1933.

Built in 1933 in pre-Communist Shanghai, the four-story building was designed by British architects and built by Chinese developers with British concrete. It was originally intended to serve as a slaughterhouse, and as such the high-quality cement aggregate required to support the load-bearing needs was imported from the Portsmouth area of the UK. Today, the building is an eerie Gotham-Deco achievement in concrete, glass, and steel, and the last remaining of its design in the world. It is almost deserted…it can give you the creeps… and yet it is an amazingly beautiful maze of stairs and corridors, just Awesome!!!

The last two images attempt to soften the harsh and cold appearance of the cold concrete.











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