Finally the wedding day which starts with the bride getting ready for the evening, going to the hairdresser, having her make-up done etc. At around six o’clock in the evening all her guests arrive at her sister’s home and from that point on, Amna was dancing non-stop in her sister’s backyard, which is what was expected of her. She danced with family members, friends of her, and female friends of her husband. Her family and friends adorned her with gold jewelry and some have given her cash as their presents.

At approximately ten o’clock at night the atmosphere has changed drastically.  No more blasting music, but rather a very quiet and eerie tension took over. Amna, her mother and sisters began crying as they knew the clock is ticking and Amna will be “taken away”. At that point, two members from her husband’s family have arrived to take her to the wedding. Her head was covered with a vail and she left her sister’s house in a fancy car followed by her guests who were walking to the courtyard where the final “act” of this three days wedding was about to take place.

Concurrent with the party at Amna’s sister the groom’s family had their party in a public courtyard not too far away. Again, food was served to the guests and later the men were dancing their traditional Dabka which is an Arab folk dance. It is a form of both circle and line dancing which is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions. No event halls were used in this wedding due to lack of financial resources.  But I found this “homemade” wedding to be such a fresh air.  In so many ways it felt very authentic and real.

Once Amna reached the courtyard, she sat in a specially decorated chair looking like a queen. She wore an elaborate wedding dress, heavy make-up, many jewels, and designs painted on her finger nails. At the point when the men finished their dances they brought Machmud to her, he removed her vail, kissed her on the forehead and the wedding was OVER.  Can you believe this?  No actual ceremony took place. The couple walked out together with all the guests cheering and yelling as they were leaving for their honeymoon
























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