This post needs to be viewed together with “dawn as a Make up” for the simple reason that they both depict life in the village; in the early hours and then later  in the day. The blue hours are famous for their beautiful lighting and romantic connotations. I guess the light was gorgeous, the village so far from romantic.  I was really wondering how people occupied their time during the day/night. No one seems to work, most kids do not go to school; families are too poor for three meals a day, no bathrooms, no kitchens, no shower and many other “NOs”. How does one live with no plan or hope for the future? How does one live with “begging” all the time. How do you deal with deep hatred which surrounds you?  What is life all about when you are a kid or a member of one of the poorest communities around? I have received very little answers to my questions.

I managed to photograph some of the activities as playing soccer, women cocking the very little which is available, the piles of cabbages kept for the upcoming long and cold winter, going out to sell self-made brooms; kids making rag-doll for play; Sunday church prayer and a few more. Sitting here writing these paragraphs keep me thinking whether there is hope for the people of Hetea, will their children grow into a different future.  I would love to think the answer is positive, but seeing the passivity and  acceptance of the situation leave me with a very difficult and nagging thoughts.  If it was only my perception as a Western and trying to “impose” my own cultural background on the situation I would feel more hopeful, but when hunger, illiteracy, poor health and rejection prevail it takes an enormous amount of Governmental efforts to try and change the fate of the Roma in villages like Hetea. I am not sure that Romania with its own economic and political issues has the determination to affect a change in the lives of 20% of its population.  The undertaking is too massive and overwhelming.




















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    Beautiful work as always.. Why are you not working for NG?

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