One cannot go through the Roma community without noticing the very bright colors dominating clothing and homes’ interiors.  Whether the population wears traditional outfits or “Western” clothing in bright combinations, colors  prevail and it is absolutely beautiful and captivating.  As one visits homes of the various families, one finds variety of wall hangings, many depicting religious scenes and/or variety of animals like birds, deer, peacocks and others. Homes are painted in variety of bright colors such as yellow, hot pinks, reds, turquoise and many others. At times I thought that the colors role is to “cover up” the poverty and difficulties of this minority, yet who am I to suggest such theory.















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  1. Helmut Schadt March 1, 2015 at 9:28 pm #

    Excellent series with wonderful, lovely and touching photographs!
    Great job you doing dear Ruti.

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