The 600 people of Hetea (Transylvania,Romania) do not enjoy the best medical attention.  No one is eager to come to the village – healthcare professionals are afraid to come into the village, afraid to be beaten by an angry crowd.  The community of Hetea lives on monthly welfare benefits which is insufficient to say the least.  No one can afford any of most basic medications.  It is the liaison person (between the community and the Government) who buys it and distributes it to those in need. Some individuals who believe the doctor has not prescribed the right medication due to budget constraints or any other reason have been known to threaten and at times become violent towards the visiting doctor.

The one physician who is willing to enter the village is willing to do so under some conditions where he feels more safe and able to practice the very limited medicine possible with the tiny budget available for the community.  He does so for ideological reasons. The situation under which he practices is so difficult that he can offer very little and mostly first aid.

Since there is intermarriage in this closed community one can observe some genetic diseases.  One also finds genetic defects that could have been detected or identified prior to pregnancy had the population been able or rather wishing for genetic counselling. However, the Roma love children, very few practice birth control methods.  In asking around I found out that only six women of child bearing age use the pill.

The physician who comes to the village once a week has his hands full as the harsh living conditions don’t bode well for an overall healthy population.  In fact, the oldest person in the village is 72 and is referred to as the “old lady”









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