May 9th 2013 was my lucky day.  I was introduced by my friend Dalia to Rivki (Rivka or Rebecca), a wonderful young bride to be. I have always wished for an opportunity to attend an ultra-orthodox wedding, and finally it was here.

I met Rivki on the morning of her wedding at her parents’ home. She was busy with prayers and moments of silence getting ready for the big event.  Collecting items she needed to take with her, writing a thank you note to her parents and other rituals important to her.  I photographed some but mainly paid attention to this graceful person, her gentle manners, her big smile and above all the unbelievable positive attitude towards life as a whole. Her generosity towards people in her life, the overwhelming positive attitude was and still is captivating.

Rivki is physically beautiful and there can be no doubt that it is fun when your subject is a gorgeous looking individual. But I must admit that very quickly I was overtaken by her personality which is what I wanted to show through the images.  Being a member of an ultra-orthodox community is limiting my options in sharing the captured images with the public, but all that has not reduced my wish to pursue Rivki in the future as it unfolds.

Rivki married Shui (Joshua) and together they make a great couple with much respect to each other and their religious background.  Although all rules are strictly followed, one does not feel constrained in their presence. Rivki who comes from Bnei Brak, a center of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, has moved to Jerusalem which is more cosmopolitan yet has a very large population of religious and ultra-orthodox communities.  Rivki and Shui have moved to a mixed neighborhood, which really symbolizes to me their attitude of openness and acceptance of the world around them.

In May 2, 2014 Rivki gave birth to Hinda Rina.  Hinda was Rivki’s grandmother and Rina means joy and happiness in Hebrew.  Her proud parents call her Princess Rina, and PRINCESS she is.




















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    Beautiful “best of life” collection!.

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