I have described the Ulingan coal making community in my previous post. The harsh conditions are a real hazard for the kids living within the community and the long-term negative impact cannot be ignored.  Project PEARLS described below offers these kids a chance for a different future – a ray of light.

Project PEARLS was founded in 2008 by a mother and daughter in California, Melissa Villa and Francesca Villa Mateo. They started Project PEARLS initially to help a very poor deaf and mute single mom (Melissa’s childhood friend) and her two daughters.  They sent those two daughters to school. In the summer of 2010, Melissa was introduced to the children of Ulingan by photojournalist, Sidney Snoeck.  Project PEARLS, under the leadership of Melissa’s brother, Juan Villa has a weekly Feeding Program, monthly Birthday Program, yearly Scholarship Program (www.projectpearls.org)























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