Many of the Roma communities in Transylvania live in rural areas and segregated from the Romanian population either because of discrimination or self-protection. The Roma are a minority which mostly hated by Romanian. This phenomenon is not new and has been observed for at least two centuries. The end result of this horrendous situation is poverty and hunger leading to criminal behavior, breakage of moral values, and prisons full of Roma inmates.  So often villages are full of families where the male parent is absent due to incarceration.

Romania is a home to the largest Roma communities in Europe.  No one knows their exact numbers but the estimates range from 400,000 to 1,000,000. The Roma population is routinely discriminated against by the state, local authorities and private enterprises, in matters of housing, employment and education. Violence in general and police brutality against Roma is common in Romania, where cases of excessive force is not adequately investigated or sanctioned.

Belonging to the lowest social classes, the Roma are caught in a vicious circle of poverty reinforced by segregation. Moreover, they do not have the same access to healthcare as Romanian do, which leads to a generally poorer health status and a shorter life expectancy by an estimated 10 years. Within the Romanian education system there is discrimination and segregation, which leads to higher drop-out rates and lower qualifications for Roma students. Many of the Roma and especially those living in the rural area do not even complete elementary school and are left with very little basic knowledge of reading, writing and basic math.  Prejudice against Roma is common amongst the Romanians, who characterize them as being thieves, dirty, and lazy.
































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