Turtuk is a village 200 km from Leh on the banks of Shyok River. Turtuk is the most northern village of India. It was under Pakistan’s Control till 1971. Only when the Indo-Pakistan war ended in 1971, Turtuk (together with 5 other Balti villages) was then included within the Indian line of border control.  Turtuk was opened for tourists in 2009.

The village offers views of Beautiful valley, part of Shyok Valley. It is surrounded by gorgeous fields of great variety and abundance of crops, apricots in particular and a variety of wheat.  On clear days one can have a glimpse of K2 mountain peak located across the border in Pakistan.

This delightful 600 years old village is in every sense a treat – culturally intact, untainted by tourism and simply delightful. Its population is predominantly Muslim village, speaking Baltistani, Urdu and Ladakhi Languages.  The village is putting a lot of efforts into its school system trying to ensure that education will allow its residents who have been secluded for a long time to join the more modern society. Its residents are great hosts inviting strangers into their homes, allowing people to learn about their traditions and life style. They are so generous towards visitors, it is remarkable.

It was amazing to see the water system built by the villagers. Melt glacial water is directed into comprehensive water channels that surround most of the narrow dirt roads and homes and used for both personal hygiene and irrigation. It is the women and their daughters that are working in the fields while the men are herding the animals up in the mountains and may not return home for days.














































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