Nightlife is often thought of as the wee hours of the night; the bars, nightclubs, parties and music. When I think of Phnom Penh’s nightlife I see two very disturbing scenes. The first one involves the nightclubs and bars which host drunken foreigners accompanied by local prostitutes. It is not for me to judge the moral issue, but I cannot avoid thinking of the fact that Cambodia is a source transit, and destination country for human trafficking. Cambodia has internal trafficking of women and children from rural to urban areas for sexual exploitation (

The second scene is disturbing no less. Waking around the back allies of the city one finds homeless tuk tuk and cyclo drives sleeping on the sidewalks. It is not unusual to find mothers with their children being forced to adjust and accept the streets as their beds. The capital Phnom Penh has turned into a city of those who “have” versus those who don’t. the country’s economic boom has created a generation or rich people and has left behind those who fail to participate and adapt.

The last seven images were taken in Siem Reap and represent the more typical night seen one can find in many of the larger cities around the world.























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