Golden Spoon


The  Kenafayim’s theatre group is  composed of mentally challenged people that are uniquely gifted actors. The group has been working and creating together in Tel Aviv since 2004. Activities at the center include classes in dance and movement, improvisation, music, rhythm, painting and more. Plays are created and written through a unique work process that merges the personal expressions of the actors, with the artistic support and guidance of theatre professionals. Members of the theatre group perform Silver Spoon at Tzavta theatre and other venues throughout the country, to full halls and rave reviews.

Actors in Kenafayim’s theatre group are mentally challenged people, who despite their challenges were blessed with impressive artistic talent, outstanding creative and improvisational capabilities, and unique point of view, obsession, naiveté, honesty, courage to express feelings, that are characteristic of any gifted artist – and they can be found in people who are mentally challenged.

Silver Spoon The play Silver Spoon was inspired, written and is performed by the studio’s actors. In the play, 20 workers work in a small spoon factory. During the play, which is also their work environment, the actors express their aspirations as well as everyday life, and create a human document that surprises the audience with its candour, humour and simplicity and offers an encounter with the actors and their daily lives.



















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