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Morocco Marraketch, Leather Bourse – A Rough Place


If you thought that the tannery is full of actions, smells and sights, wait until I take you to the leather Bourse’. It was not an easy task entering the place. I was allowed to enter but “no photograph, no photograph” was heard by an angry bunch of merchants. They actually told me I could […]

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Morocco Marraketch Leather Tannery – A Feast to the Senses


I visited Marraketch leather tannery in April 2016.  So before I “celebrate” the first year anniversary, the time has come to post my images from this very interesting experience.  I describe it as interesting, because I read what many tourists had to say which was less than complimentary. There were comments about smells, granted the smell […]

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Morocco’s Tiling and Plaster Work – No Respectable Home Without it


In one of my earlier posts I wrote that I am about to cover all the building blocks of Moroccan architecture; today, I focus on Aziz the plasterer and Hassan the tiller. Historically, patrons of the art used tiles (zellige) to decorate their homes as a statement of luxury and the sophistication of the inhabitants. Zellige […]

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Morocco: A World of Color – Wool and Textile Being Dyed and Woven


I think that by the time I complete posting my images from Morocco, you will be able to buy all that you need for building a Moroccan style home.  Today, I would like to share with you my great experience photographing the process of dyeing wool.  I come from a family which was involved in […]

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Morocco, Marrakech – Rachid the Potier, Tel. № 0667738079


I could not but be but enamored with Rashid, a great character which oozes from each cell and especially those in his eyes. Rashid is a potter or as he has declared on his wall – Potier.  He has a wonderful sense of humor.  When I asked him for a business card, he pointed to […]

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Morocco Marrakech: Hassan’s Kingdom of Smoke, Beautiful Structures, Hard Work and Great Pots


Entering Hassan’s world was not an easy task, literally and figuratively.  As one got closer to the very large ovens, one could smell the burning tires and see the very dark clouds of smoke rising from behind the wall made of broken ceramics and other remnants. First, I peeked standing behind the wall, wishing to […]

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Morocco – Essaouira’s Port, a Glorious Night


As I have written in my previous post, I returned to Essaouira to photograph the port at night. The port was less hectic, allowing me to focus and absorb its beauty. Without the fishermen around, the boats become pieces of art, lit by both the moon and artificial lights. AND, one cannot forget the beautiful light […]

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Morocco – The Magic of Essaouira Port


Essaouira is a port city and resort on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It has an extremely rich history which I will not describe here, but mentioned that the city has an old part (the Medina) and a port.  It is the latter which took my breath away, and kept my imagination working overtime.  As one approaches […]

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Morocco, Sidi Mokhtar – A Road-Side Rural Family and its Home


On the drive between Marrakesh and Essaouira, my eye was attracted to one stand alone rural home along the highway.  I liked its architecture – a long and narrow building with many small windows. I asked the driver to stop which he did.  I went out and began photographing.  It did not lake before the […]

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MaMalika – A Snippet of Her Life in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco


It is difficult to describe or tell about a person’s life if you had just a short interaction. I know so  little about Mama Malika which I am sharing with you today. Malika and her family live in Imlil, a small  village in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The area is beautiful, with snow capped mountains […]

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Holy Saturday In Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulcher Church – A Mystic Medieval Like Event


Last Sunday, thousands of Orthodox Christians from around the world have celebrated Easter in the Holy Land, commemorating the day when according to Christian tradition Jesus was resurrected. Huge crowds arrived in Jerusalem’s old city on Saturday to celebrate the Orthodox Easter Holy Fire ceremony and other events. The crowding forced police to close the […]

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Good Thursday at the Amazingly Beautiful Armenian Church in the Old City of Jerusalem


Last Thursday, The Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches practice the ritual of the Washing of Feet on Holy and Great Thursday according to their ancient rites. I witnessed the elegant and powerful ceremony in the incredibly beautiful Armenian Church located in the old city of Jerusalem. The service is performed by the Patriarch washing the […]

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“Moroccan Fillegrie” – A Speciality of Marrakech


There is not much I can say about these images.  I think they speak for themselves.  Unlike some of the works of the artists in the market, these were taken in a studio/workshop.  The craftsmanship is exquisite and it decorates homes of the richest and royalty. One of the goals of the owner and his […]

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Morocco -Artisans of Marrakech,


Marrakech is a heaven for those who love to see  exquisite craftsmanship.  A walk around the market is an eye opener, and the desire for more, is immediately satisfied at the next corner. I watched many of the artists at their work, totally focused, sometimes hardly raising their eyes, either because of modesty, or me […]

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Nazareth Real Estate Trip – Homes of Jesus


As part of Easter week, I visited Nazareth and its very important churches. I would have really preferred to be there at prayer time, but that did not happen and I ended up while the churches were empty. On the one hand it made it easier to photograph, on the other hand it was more […]

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My Good Friday Experience Livened Up


On Good Friday I went to Jerusalem to photograph the event. I got there extremely early to avoid the pilgrimage traffic which unfortunately never materialized. I intended to secure a good spot where my view will be unobstructed. Deep down, I was hoping to have a chance of capturing the image posted above. The scene […]

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The Political Situation in Jerusalem keeps Worshipers Away on Good Friday


“I dwell among my people” Book of Kings II Chapter 4. I am really not a religious person, but I am curious.  I live in a country in which one can find Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze. All four have different customs and believes. I find it extremely interesting to learn about the various holidays, […]

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A Cold and Windy Jerusalem Welcomes Palm Sunday 2016


Palm Sunday 2016, the final Sunday before Easter 2016, marks the beginning of Holy Week 2016. Christian churches distribute palms (and sometimes olive branches) on Palm Sunday to commemorate Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, when palm branches were placed in His path, before His arrest and Crucifixion on Good Friday. I have never attended Palm […]

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